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You can buy here : ONEKING

Three hundred loyal “ONE-Soldiers” in the service of the “ONE-King”. Their main mission is to protect “The ONE-Kingdom” by all means.
This collection represents the beginning of a new unique NFT Universe.
In the near future, the collection would be expanded on several units types and levels.
In order to form the unique “ONE-Army” :

. lvl 1 Infantry 300/300
. lvl 2 Archers 200/200
. lvl 3 Cavalry 150/150
. lvl 4 Musketeers 100/100
. lvl 5 Royal guard 50/50
. lvl 6 Beasts 10/10

Then, many other CryptoNations will make their appearance.
The “Harmony Universe” is a violent world, where power, wealth and influence are won in bloody battles.
“The One-Kingdom '' has a feudal structure. By financing soldiers in the service of the king, each investor becomes a Lady or a Lord to whom the king is grateful. Each spoil of war would be generously shared among the lords and ladies at the level of their participation.